Consistency Matters

Consistency Matters
11 Oct

Any of my members will tell you that I like to talk about consistency a lot. It’s one of my favorite topics when it comes to fitness and nutrition, and that’s because consistency creates two things: measurement and accountability.

Consistency in your workout routine and nutrition planning allows for your results to be measurable. You can actually track what works and what doesn’t work, and make changes to ensure you are meeting your goals. How can you measure success if you don’t do something consistently? Secret: You can’t.

Anyone in the fitness industry will tell you that one of the biggest draws for personal training and group classes is that it creates a level of accountability that people just don’t get in the gym alone. When you have another person present to observe, provide feedback, and train you, there is an added layer of accountability that exists. This leads to a greater chance of success. And who doesn’t like to be successful?

Bottom line, the more consistent you are with your fitness and nutrition, the more results you’ll not only see, but keep. Give yourself 30 days to establish the discipline and the habit. Commit to consistency. The sky’s the limit on what you can achieve!